Trial Instructional Flights

microlight trike Trial instructional flight

If you would like to experience the thrill and awesome views of flying in a recreational aircraft - you can !   As an authorised flight training facility, Caboolture Microlights can arrange a Trial Instructional Flight (TIF) to see what it is all about. The experience starts with showing you around the aircraft, explaining how the controls work and what to expect from your flight. After a few formalities, we will fit you out with a flying suit, helmet and headsets (so we can talk in the air without shouting) and get ready for departure.

On take-off, you will be surprised how little runway these aircraft actually use and how quickly they climb before we head towards Bribie Island with spectacular views of the Moreton Bay islands and as far as Brisbane CBD and the Sunshine Coast. Flying along the coast of Bribie Island we often observe various kinds of sea life such as dolphins, turtles and sharks. Depending on the flight duration, we may head inland and fly to the Glasshouse Mountains to see if anyone is climbing to the top - our views are a lot better than theirs (and with much less exertion!) Finally we return to the airfield for a "full-stop" landing.

sling lsa cockpit

During the flight your instructor will demonstrate just how easy it is to use the controls to operate the aircraft and you will also have the opportunity to have a go at flying yourself. There will also be plenty of time for you to admire the spectacular scenery and take photos should you wish.

Prices don't include on-board  refreshments or in-flight movies Smiley face

Gift vouchers are available and we can even arrange for 2 TIF to be flown together so you can watch your partner, friend or family member enjoying the same experience as you. Special requests such as flying a different route to see something specific from the air may also be possible by arrangement. So what are you waiting for ?
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microlight trial instructional flight
microlight trial instructional flight


Trial Instructional Flight (60 mins in Trike)  $250 
Trial Instructional Flight (60 mins in Sling)  $280 

What is a "TIF" ?

Glasshouse mountains aerial view from trike

It won't have escaped your notice that recreational aircraft are not like airliners - some are not even much like small single engine conventional aircraft. Hence there are a few differences from other flights you may have taken

The rules which govern recreational aircraft prevent us (quite rightly) from carrying fare-paying passengers. This means you can't pay us (or anybody else operating recreational aircraft) to just take you for a "joy flight". The only commercial activity (I.e. where money changes hands) which is permitted in these aircraft is instruction and your TIF is the first lesson should you decide to continue your training.