Nov 18

Very well done to Anthony Forshaw who was signed of for his pilot certificate on fixed-wing aircraft today. Anthony is now one of a very small number of RAAus pilots rated to fly Fixed-wing, weightshift and Powered Parachutes

Oct 6

Congratulations to Anthony Forshaw - our first student to solo in the Bantam !

Sept 25

Very well done to Luke Gellion who today passed his flight test and became the latest Caboolture Microights pilot

Sept 6

Many Congratulations to James Martonhelyi for passing his flight test and gaining his pilot certificate today

Sept 5

We now have a Sling LSA aircraft available for flight training and Trial Instructional Flights at Caboolture !

Aug 19

Very well done to Duane Stapleton for his first solo flight today

Aug 7

Massive congratulations to Michael Neser for passing his flight test and qualifying for his pilot certificate today.

April 22

Very well done to Perry Johnstone for passing his cross-country flight test !

April 3

Many congratulations to Matt Osborne for passing his flight test and being signed off to fly his own trike - well done !

December 27

Many congratulations to Matt Osborne for achieving his first trike solo today Well done !

December 22

Congratulations to Anthony Forshaw on completing his weightshift training and adding trikes to his RAAus Pilot Certificate. Well done !

December 17

Well done Ric- fully signed off and flying your own trike - Congratulations !

October 27

Another milestone today as Anthony Forshaw made his first solo trike flight this morning. Very well done !

October 6

A huge 'Well Done" to Ric Attard who passed his flight test today and is now a qualified trike pilot !

September 5

Matt Osborne has bought Frank's XT582 so it will be staying in the club hangar at Caboolture. Wishing you many happy flights Matt !

August 23

Many congratulations to Michael Neser who made his first solo flight this morning - very well done !

June 10

Many congratulations to Russ Nicholas who flew his first trike solo today - well done !

April 16

Many congratulations to Ric Attard who flew solo for the first time today - well done !

April 4

Two new Airborne TLite trikes arrive at Caboolture. See pictures in the gallery.

February 1

Congratulations to Stephen Wilson who successfully passed the flight test for his pilot certificate today. Stephen is now eagerly waiting for delivery of his new Airbone TLite trike.

October 19

Mark and Ross are back from Burketown having managed to fly not one but two Morning Glories. See a small sample of their photos in our gallery

September 27

Very well done to Ross Poyser who successfully completed the navigation training for his cross-country endorsement today. Not one to hang about, he has now set off with Mark in hope of catching the Morning Glory at Burketown.

August 31

Congratulations to Stephen Wilson who completed his first trike solo today. Well done !

August 22

First week of flying has been completed with Rockhampton Sport Aviation at Hedlow. Three students have started weightshift pilot training and numerous TIF's flown. Even the weather worked out (mostly !)

August 1

A huge well done to Steve Bartlett for completing his RAAus weightshift instructors course. Steve will now be able to conduct training at our satellite school in Hedlow (near Rockhampton) and will also help out at Caboolture on occasions.

July 23

After a lot of hard work (mostly by Steve Bartlett) we have obtained permission from RAAus to open a Satellite Flight Training Facility at Steve's home base of Hedlow airfield between  Rockhampton and Yeppoon on the central Queensland coast. Training will hopefully start next month and the airfield is also a great flyaway destination with easy trips to places such as Great Keppel Island.

May 26

Another successful Inglewood fly-in. Photographs are now available in the gallery 

March 19

Congratulations to Mal Homann for passing his flight test and and adding weightshift trikes to his recreational pilot certificate. Top effort !

February 26

Många Grattis to Elin for passing her flight test and becoming a qualified trike pilot certificate. An awesome achievement !

February 21

Congratulations to Elin Nordlander for her first trike solo. Elin also smashed the record for the longest ever first solo flight LOL. Well done !

December 12

Many congratulations to Gabriele on passing his flight test in his own trike qualifying for his weightshift pilot certificate today. Very well done.

December 10

Mark Gentry today qualified for his upgrade to Senior Instructor. A tremendous effort on his part  and he thoroughly deserves the rewards which come with his new responsibilities - LOL. Many congratulations Mark !

October 26

Huge congratulations to Frank Agius for passing his flight test and qualifying for his weighshift pilot certificate. Very well done !

September 23

Another new trike at Caboolture. Steve Bartlett's brand new XT-912 Tundra with the latest strutted Arrow2 wing is in Hangar 10 for a short period before moving to his home airfield near Rockhampton. Come and admire it while you can (he might even take you for a quick flight) !

August 18

Congratualtions to Gabe De Donatis for his first trike solo. Very well done !

July 5

Very well done to Frank Agius for soloing (in his own trike) for the first time today.  Congratulations - next stop your pilot certificate.

June 16

Congratulations to Paul Taylor who passed his flight test today adding weightshift endorsement to his 3-axis credentials.

June 15

The latest trike to arrive at Caboolture is Frank's shiny new XT582 Cruze which looks beautiful in black.  It will be staying with us whilst Frank does his pilot training.

June 9

We haved moved ! Our new office is at Hangar 102 (formerly the Sandora hangar). The entrance is off McNaught Rd with plenty of parking out front and its conveniently located opposite Hangar 10.

May 17

Very well done Paul Taylor who did his first trike solo flight today

April 7

Congratulations to Saille Clougher on completing his Weightshift endorsement today - Very well done !

March 30

Mark's little yellow trike has been snapped up by Gabe so 4582 is going to stay at Caboolture. Well done Gabe !

March 16

Mark Gentry goes diesel ! After many years of flying hix XT582 he has bought an XT912

March 1

Many congratualtions to Krystal Hunter from Niue who achieved her first solo flight today.

January 3

Col Darling new trike arrives in Hangar 10. Everyone (especially Col) are keen to see it in the air one the registration has been completed. Have a look in the gallery for pictures.

December 28

Another achievement before the year ends. Ten days after seeing a microlight for the first time, Shannon Hunter flew solo for the first time. Very well done !

December 21

The great news continues - Steve McGrath flew his first trike solo today. Well done !

December 14

Top news - Mark Gentry today passed the test for his RAAus Flight Instructor rating. Awesome work and Mark will now be helping out with the instruction at Caboolture Microlights.

November 3

32-8223 has been test flown and Zibi is now signed off with his two-stroke endorsement -  congratulations !

October 21

The latest addition to the Caboolture Microlights fleet as moved into Hangar 10 - Zibi's lovely XT-582 Cruze. I'm sure we are all looking forward to seeing it in the air.

September 2

Congratulations to Zibi Hubicki for passing his flight test and becoming the latest qualified Caboolture Microlights pilot. Very well done !

August 26

Congratulations to Saille Clougher for his first trike solo - top effort.

June 20

Two in one week !!! Congratulations to Ross Poyser successfully passed the skills test for his Weightshift endorsement today. Very well done Ross - the next steps will be in your own trike.

June 17

Big congratulations to Peter Martin who, despite some tricky weather conditions passed the skills test for his Weightshift endorsement today. Well done and don't become a stranger :-)

June 4

Effective immediately microlight training is now available 7 days / week.

May 12

Congratulations to Peter Martin who made his first solo microlight flight this morning. Very well done !

May 8

Thanks to everyone who flew or drove out to the annual  ultralight muster at Inglewood. Great weather and marvellous company made it an  awesome weekend. Look out for photos in the gallery soon.

March 12

Congratulations to Zibi Hubicki who made his first ever solo flight this morning. Very well done !

November 27

More congratulations are in order - Col Darling today made his first solo trike flight.  Despite formerly flying helicoptors he reckoned it was the most exciting thing he has ever done.

November 27

Today also saw the arrival of Peter Beer's brand new T-Lite into Hangar 10. Unfortunately we didn't manage to get a photo of it in the back of his 4WD - no trailer required. We look forward to seeing it in the air very soon.

November 19

Thanks to everyone came (and hopefully enjoyed) the inaugrual Caboolture Microlights hangar BBQ. It was great to spend a few hours socialising with pilots and their partners.  Massive thanks to Ross, Gail, Perry, Mark and Troy for providing food, drink, shade, BBQ and generally doing all the hard work organising everything. You are all stars !

November 19

Congratulations to Mal Homann on his first microlight solo flight - well done !

September 15

Another qualified Caboolture Microlight - Richard Bertossi passed his flight test today. Many Congratulations and well done to him !

August 26

Congratulations to Perry Johnstone on a successful road trip to FNQ to purchase his own trike - an XT912 Streak. Both his and Ross' planes are now safely hangered at Caboolture so the club fleet of aircraft is growing.

August 19

Congratulations to Heath Flux for his first solo flight - a top effort !

August 12

Congratulations to Ross Poyser on buying his own trike - an Edge X 582  Streak. We haven't seen it yet but we are looking forward to putting some photos in the gallery and getting him airborne in his first aircraft.

August 4

Very well  done to Mark Sandberg for his first solo flight - achieved only 10 days after seeing a trike for the first time.

July 24

Massive congratulations to Perry Johnstone for achieving his RAAus pilot certificate today. Very well deserved - next stop  is buying a trike !

April 30 -May 2

Another fantastic Inglewood trip - massive thanks to everyone for making it so enjoyable and congratulations to Alischa, Stacey and Trevor, Helena and "The Baron" on their first ever microlight flights. See the photos here.

April 16

Huge congratulations to Ross Poyser for his solo flight - a great achievment.

April 10

Many congratulations to Mark Wahl for completing his conversion from GA pilot to trike pilot.

March 25

Many congratulations to Troy Dallimore on his first solo flight.

February 27

An awesome job by Mark Gentry in achieving his cross-country endorsement. The sky is the limit now - very well done.

February 7

Many congratulations to Neil Schaefer who, after a lot of hard work, is now an RAAus Senior Flying Instructor. Well done mate !

October 31

It may be Hallowe'en but there were no tricks just a treat for Perry Johnstone who celebrated both his birthday and his first solo flight today. Double Congratulations are in order - well done !

October 15

Congratulations to Bill and Tracey on the arrival of their first child - all the best of everyone at Caboolture Microlights

July 30

A great day for Richard Bertossi who successfully completed his first solo flight. Many congratulations Richard !

June 20

A huge round of applause to Bill McAuley for passing his flight test and becoming our newest qualified pilot. An excellent accomplishment and Bill celebrated by purchasing his own trike.

May 1-3

A great trip to the "ultralight muster" at Inglewood - a top effort by Mark and Bill for flying there and to Tracey and Gail for making their first ever microlight flights with us. See our gallery for photos of the trip.

March 16

Many congratulations to Neil Schaefer on successfully completing a gruelling instructor course. A fantastic achievement - well done !

December 23

An early Xmas prezzie for Bill McAuley too. First trike solo - very well done Bill !

December 5

Xmas has come early - the new trike has arrived !!!! Its an Airborne XT-912 Tourer with the latest SST (strutted wing). Its got the disc brake option, a touring screen and its not yellow ;-)   Unfortunately the weather was too grim to fly it back so we had to trailer it - thanks to the Airborne team for helping wrap it up, Chris for the loan of the van, Jules for helping drive it back (apart from the roundabout incident !) and Neil for his assistance rigging it . Have a look at the pictures in the photo gallery

November 2

Many congratulations to Mark Gentry on passing his flight test and qualifying for his pilot certificate.

June 6

Congratulations to Mark Gentry on successfully completing his first solo flight.

May 4

Many congratulations to Craig MacDonald on passing his flight test and qualifying for his pilot certificate.

March 15

Congratulations to Craig MacDonald on his first solo flight.

March 14

More than a year after he sold his Edge, Neil Schaefer has rejoined the ranks of trike owners by purchasing  Edge XT582 Cruze 32-4582 from Ian Wilkie and Ivor Harper.  This plane was originally owned by Derek Tremain and Chris Pfeiffer and has been based at Caboolture since new. It is no stranger to decent sized cross country flights as it was flown back to Caboolture from the factory and has also made the trip to Natfly at Narromine where it was awarded the "Best Trike" trophy.  Hopefully Neil is planning to continue this worthy tradition with a few trips of his own.